Yarn galore... Abbondanza di gomitoli

One thing I cannot resist (ok, another thing!) is yarn. Can you picture it? A brand new shop, full of yarn. Cotton to be precise, in every possible solid color. I ended up with 5 gorgeous colors (the light one is actually a blue gray, beautiful) and set at work on that very night. The result? My old bike now has a colorful saddle cover! Quick and easy, and definitely fun!!

Una cosa a cui non so resistere (ok, un'altra!!) sono i gomitoli di lana o cotone. Ve lo immaginate? Un negozio nuovo nuovo, pieno di gomitoli. Cotone per essere precisi, in ogni colore possibile. Sono uscita con 5 bei gomitoli in colori fantastici (quello chiaro in realtà è un bel grigio) e mi sono subito messa al lavoro. Il risultato? La mia vecchia bici ora ha un nuovo copri sellino coloratissimo! Facile e veloce, e decisamente divertente!!


  1. That's nice and colourful and different.Bet you can find your bike a lot quicker too. :)

  2. I use to work in a wool shop , those beautiful colours of wool . I would want to buy them all,
    Love what you have made, hugs.

  3. That's amazing what you made!! I love cycling too and that just adds a certain pizzazz to the bike!

  4. It's so
    Pretty my dear *•*

  5. What a creative idea I just love it.

  6. I LOVE it! Now maybe you can participate in "yarn bombing" events and dress up Rome's streetlamps, fountains, and stoplights!

    You always inspire me---thank you so much! :0)

  7. Sarebbe bellissimo un negozio tutto colorato. Un bellissimo sogno.
    Un caro saluto Nadia


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